Boutique #FLYWITHME is a project created in 2018 by Elizabeth Landry to make her readers and passengers travel with her around the globe.

When in layovers, she wanders the streets of the cities she visits and always discovers great clothes that we don't have at home.

From Porto to Bali, Boutique #FLYWITHME offers exclusive products so that you no longer have to take the plane to feel in vacation!

Have a great flight!

Who is L'Hôtesse de L'air (FLIGHT ATTENDANT)?

Elizabeth Landry is a flight attendant based in Montreal. She works for a major Canadian airline that serves more than 60 destinations around the world. In 2014, she published the first volume of her successful novel's trilogy L'HÔTESSE DE L'AIR now published in english under CALL ME STEWARDESS. She tells her anecdotes and travel tips on her blog www.lhotessedelair.com.

Have a Great flight!